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QuizLang. TitleAuthorAuthorILATOS BLWord CountF/NF 
901984ENAcross the Wide Dark Sea (HM Edition)Van Leeuwen, JeanLG3.9 1,721F
901030ENAddie in Charge (SF Edition)Lawlor, LaurieMG4.1 2,629F
901911ENAdventures of Taxi Dog (HM Edition), TheBarracca, DebraLG2.8 512F
902026ENAkiak: A Tale from the Iditarod (HM Edition)Blake, Robert J.MG3.6 1,250F
901811ENAllen Camps Out (HM Edition)Michaels, JoshLG0.8 109F
900905ENAllie's Basketball Dream (SF Edition)Barber, Barbara E.LG3.3 988F
902939ENAmazing Alice! (SF Edition)Hyatt, Patricia RuschMG4.6 3,008F
900919ENAnanse's Feast (SF Edition)Mollel, Tololwa M.LG3.9 1,019F
901520ENAnansi and the Talking Melon (SF Edition)Kimmel, Eric A.LG2 1,020F
901794ENAnn Can't Sleep (HM Edition)Jones, PeriLG1 94F
901521ENAnnie's Gifts (SF Edition)Medearis, Angela ShelfLG3 916F
901912ENAnt (HM Edition)Stefoff, RebeccaLG2.8 684NF
900906ENAnthony Reynoso: Born to Rope (SF Edition)Cooper, MarthaLG2.8 832NF
901877ENAround the Pond: Who's   Been Here? (HM Edition)George, Lindsay BarrettLG2.1 337F
901948ENArt Lesson (HM Edition), TheDe Paola, TomieLG3.2 1,020F
901918ENArthur's Book (HM Edition)Moynahan, PattyLG1.6 235F
901383ENArthur's Reading Race (SF Edition)Brown, MarcLG1.4 310F
904362ENAt the Aquarium (HM Edition)Wu, NorbertLG1.9 186F
901961ENAunt Fox and the Fried Fish (HM Edition)Oramas, Rafael RiveroLG2.7 624F
901933ENAunt Lizzy Finds Her Cake (HM Edition)Moynahan, PattyLG1.5 212F
901384ENBaby Otter Grows Up (SF Edition)McCloskey, SusanLG1.9 194NF
901977ENBallad of Mulan (HM Edition), TheZhang, Song NanLG3.3 633F
901055ENBaseball Hall of Fame (SF Edition), TheDunnahoo, Terry JansonMG6.1 478NF
901913ENBat Attitude (HM Edition)O'Donnell, LynnLG2.8 153NF
901986ENBecoming a Champion: The   Babe Didrikson Story (HM Edition)Berman, StephenLG3.9 645NF
901555ENBest Older Sister (SF Edition), TheChoi, Sook NyulLG2.5 1,144F
901858ENBest Pie (HM Edition), TheBracken, PatrickLG1.4 174F
901987ENBig-Apple Birding (HM Edition)Permaul/MorrisLG3.4 509F
901896ENBig Bushy Mustache (HM Edition)Soto, GaryLG2.8 1,116F
902937ENBig-City Dream (SF Edition), ASchecter, EllenMG3.7 4,223F
901380ENBig Day for Jay (SF Edition), AHong, LilyLG2.4 213F
901870ENBig Hog's House Hunt (HM Edition)Burke, Melissa BlackwellLG1.7 367F
901902ENBig Hound's Lunch (HM Edition)Walker, AnneLG1.3 240F
901381ENBig Job (SF Edition), ARiley, KanaLG1.4 80F
901419ENBig Mess (SF Edition), TheHennessy, B.G.LG1.4 63F
901940ENBig Party Plan (HM Edition), TheWard, BeckyLG1.5 235F
901847ENBig Star's Gifts (HM Edition)Brennan, PatLG1.3 146F
901874ENBig Surprise (HM Edition), TheMoynahan, PattyLG1.2 181F
901988ENBill Meléndez: An Artist in Motion (HM   Edition)Berman, StephenLG3.8 629NF
901522ENBirthday Joy (SF Edition)O'Brien, Anne SibleyLG2.5 250NF
901385ENBiscuit (SF Edition)Capucilli, Alyssa SatinLG1.5 133F
901032ENBlame It on the Wolf (SF Edition)Love, DouglasMG4.1 3,299F
901386ENBluebirds in the Garden (SF Edition)Eaton, DeborahLG2.1 249NF
901826ENBo's Bunnies (HM Edition)Myers, AnneLG1.4 124F
904377ENBobby's Problem (HM Edition)Kelly, JenLG1.8 267F
902027ENBoss of the Plains (HM Edition)Carlson, LaurieMG4.6 1,506F
900907ENBrave as a Mountain Lion (SF Edition)Scott, Ann HerbertLG3 1,898F
901989ENBrave Bessie Coleman:   Pioneer Aviator (HM Edition)Ellis, Veronica FreemanLG4 656NF
900920ENBrave Irene (SF Edition)Steig, WilliamLG3.9 1,653F
901420ENBravest Cat! The True   Story of Scarlett (SF Edition), TheDriscoll, LauraLG1.8 458NF
901919ENBrent Skunk Sings (HM Edition)Burke, Melissa BlackwellLG1.8 292F
901926ENBrothers and Sisters (HM Edition)Senisi, Ellen B.LG2.7 662F
901523ENBruno the Baker (SF Edition)Klinting, LarsLG2.1 607F
904373ENBunnies and the Fox (HM Edition), TheMcPhail, DavidLG1.7 178F
901812ENButterfly (HM Edition)Ling, MaryLG1.9 335F
902028ENBy the Shores of Silver Lake (HM Edition)Wilder, Laura IngallsMG4.1 2,742F
901962ENCamping on the Wild Side! (HM Edition)Kaye, RogerLG3 291NF
901387ENCan You Find It? (SF Edition)Fear, SharonLG0.9 98F
901848ENCar Trip (HM Edition)McGaferty, EileenLG1.2 161F
901747ENCaribbean Dream (HM Edition)Isadora, RachelLG1.7 98F
901943ENCarmen Lomas Garza (HM Edition)Houghton MifflinLG3 216F
901928ENCarousel Designed by Kids (HM Edition)Kranking, KathyLG2.7 280F
901927ENCarousel (HM Edition)Cummings, PatLG3 1,062F
902041ENCase of the Earthenware   Pig (HM Edition), TheSobol, Donald J.MG3.6 899F
901388ENCat Traps (SF Edition)Coxe, MollyLG1 95F
902045ENCendrillon: A Caribbean   Cinderella (HM Edition)San Souci, Robert D.MG4.3 1,818F
904358ENChamp (HM Edition)Gold, MaryLG0.5 42F
901795ENChan's Gift (HM Edition)Duffy, MackLG1.2 112F
901689ENCharles Tiger (HM Edition)Dodds, SiobhanLG1.8 124F
901389ENCherry Pies and Lullabies (SF Edition)Reiser, LynnLG1.2 175F
900921ENChibi: A True Story from Japan (SF Edition)Brenner, BarbaraLG4.1 1,276NF
901033ENChildren of Clay (SF Edition)Swentzell, RinaMG5 1,793NF
901897ENChinatown (HM Edition)Low, WilliamLG2.7 447F
901034ENChocolate Is Missing (SF Edition)McMullan, KateMG5.3 4,505F
901390ENChompy's Afternoon (SF Edition)Karas, G. BrianLG2.2 240F
901524ENCity Green (SF Edition)DiSalvo-Ryan, DyAnneLG3.2 1,388F
901035ENClay Old Woman and Clay   Old Man (SF Edition)Bruchac, JosephMG4.3 549F
901793ENClean Room (HM Edition), ADemas, GaryLG1.3 129F
901908ENClean Team (HM Edition), TheWalker, AnneLG1.7 282F
901951ENCleveland Lee's Beale   Street Band (HM Edition)Flowers, ArtLG2.9 737F
904381ENCliff Hanger (HM Edition)George, Jean CraigheadLG3.3 1,159F
901556ENClubhouse (SF Edition), ThePhillips, AnneLG2.4 290F
901796ENClues from Boots (HM Edition)Mendosa, TinaLG1.5 118F
901036ENComing Home (SF Edition)Cooper, FloydMG4.7 1,657NF
901391ENCommunities (SF Edition)Saunders-Smith, GailLG1.9 43NF
901729ENCounting on the Woods (HM Edition)Lyon, George EllaLG1.4 66F
901056ENCountry Mouse and the City Mouse (SF Edition), TheWhite, Anne TerryMG3.7 545F
901875ENCows Can't Fly (HM Edition)Milgrim, DavidLG1.9 212F
901057ENCricket in Times Square (SF Edition), TheSelden, GeorgeMG3.9 2,809F
901920ENCrow's Plan (HM Edition)Burke, Melissa BlackwellLG1.7 263F
901777ENCub's Long Day (HM Edition)Gold, MaryLG1.3 66F
904363ENDad's Big Plan (HM Edition)Gurney, John StevenLG1.7 114F
901525ENDaddy, Could I Have an   Elephant? (SF Edition)Wolf, JakeLG1.9 327F
901964ENDancing Rainbows (HM Edition)Mott, Evelyn ClarkeLG3.5 1,099NF
900908ENDanger - Icebergs! (SF Edition)Gans, RomaLG3.2 847NF
904359ENDay at School (HM Edition), AAda, Alma FlorLG1.5 94F
902059ENDear Mrs. Parks (HM Edition)Parks, RosaMG4 629NF
901392ENDinosaur Babies (SF Edition)Penner, Lucille RechtLG1.9 387NF
901058ENDisguise (SF Edition), TheNeuberger, Anne E.MG4.7 3,598F
901393ENDo You Live in a Nest? (SF Edition)Tafolla, CarmenLG1.5 686F
904364ENDog School (HM Edition)Bruchac, JosephLG1.7 209F
901394ENDoggy Art (SF Edition)McPhail, DavidLG2.4 219F
901965ENDogzilla (HM Edition)Pilkey, DavLG3.8 542F
901797ENDon's Boat (HM Edition)Duffy, MackLG0.8 125F
901849ENDon't Ask Me (HM Edition)McGaferty, EileenLG1.5 162F
901526ENDown in the Sea: The Jellyfish (SF Edition)Kite, PatriciaLG2.7 322NF
901527ENDuck (SF Edition)Royston, AngelaLG1.3 291NF
901778ENDuke's Gift (HM Edition)Lee, TriciaLG1.2 55F
901952ENDwight the Knight (HM Edition)Ward, BeckyLG1.8 330F
901779ENEEK! There's a Mouse in   the House (HM Edition)Yee, Wong HerbertLG1.4 208F
901743ENEgg Is an Egg (HM Edition), AnWeiss, NickiLG1.1 166F
901934ENEight Daughters! (HM Edition)Dunlap, LindaLG1.9 238F
901879ENExploring Parks with   Ranger Dockett (HM Edition)Flanagan, Alice K.LG2.5 281NF
900929ENExtra-Good Sunday (SF Edition), TheCleary, BeverlyLG4.1 2,116F
901528ENEye Spy (SF Edition)Cummings, PatLG2.2 276F
901967ENEyes on Rome (HM Edition)Lee, M. LindaLG3.3 411NF
901941ENFamily Garden (HM Edition), TheDunlap, LindaLG1.8 195F
901037ENFamily Pictures (SF Edition)Lomas Garza, CarmenMG3.9 639NF
902030ENFinding Her Way (HM Edition)Crowe, KarenMG3.9 467NF
902031ENFinding the Titanic (HM Edition)Ballard, Robert C.MG4 2,618NF
901809ENFine Spring Day (HM Edition), AKang, GregoryLG1.4 127F
901899ENFire-Safety Tips (HM Edition)Grube, Martin C.LG3.4 271NF
901850ENFireflies for Nathan (HM Edition)Oppenheim, Shulamith   LeveyLG2.3 452F
901839ENFleet Street Club (HM Edition), TheMorris, JordanLG1.6 118F
900922ENFlight: The Journey of   Charles Lindbergh (SF Edition)Burleigh, RobertLG3.8 1,855NF
900923ENFloating Home (SF Edition)Getz, DavidLG3.6 1,668F
904365ENFluff Is Missing! (HM Edition)Ishida, JuiLG1.7 105F
900909ENFly Traps! Plants That Bite Back (SF Edition)Jenkins, MartinLG3.4 1,091NF
901395ENFoal (SF Edition)Ling, MaryLG1.8 285F
902283ENFocus on Fables (HM Edition)Kent, JackLG3 309F
901823ENForest (HM Edition), TheSánchez, IsidroLG2.4 259F
901529ENFour Clues for Chee (SF Edition)Havill, JuanitaLG2 243F
901397ENFox and Bear Look at the Moon (SF Edition)McPhail, DavidLG1.2 119F
901396ENFox and Bear (SF Edition)McPhail, DavidLG1.9 63F
902935ENFox and the Stork (SF Edition), TheBarchers, Suzanne I.LG2.9 396F
901398ENFox on Stage (SF Edition)Marshall, JamesLG2.2 347F
901530ENFranny and Ginny (SF Edition)Cummings, PatLG1.5 175F
901953ENFright Night (HM Edition)Walker, AnneLG1.6 234F
901921ENFrom Caterpillar to Butterfly (HM Edition)Heiligman, DeborahLG2.5 634F
901761ENFun Rides (HM Edition)Tanner, JackLG0.7 62F
901531ENFurry Mouse (SF Edition)Riley, KanaLG1.8 200NF
901827ENFussy Gail (HM Edition)Myers, AnneLG1.4 117F
901978ENGarden of Abdul Gasazi (HM Edition), TheVan Allsburg, ChrisLG4 1,117F
901421ENGarden (SF Edition), TheLobel, ArnoldLG1.7 399F
901422ENGingerbread Man (SF Edition), TheBell, SallyLG1.3 355F
902062ENGloria Estefan (HM Edition)Boulais, SueMG4.7 2,466NF
904366ENGo Away, Otto! (HM Edition)Cummings, PatLG1.8 219F
902033ENGo, Team, Go! (HM Edition)Rinard, Judith E.MG3.2 370NF
901944ENGo to a Concert (HM Edition)Hart, AveryLG3.3 216F
901532ENGoing to Town (SF Edition)Wilder, Laura IngallsLG3.1 668F
900910ENGoldilocks and the Three Bears (SF Edition)Marshall, JamesLG2.5 747F
901517ENGood Idea (SF Edition), AHoyt-Goldsmith, DianeLG2.8 281NF
901518ENGood Laugh for Cookie (SF Edition), AEaton, DeborahLG2.4 257F
901781ENGram's Huge Meal (HM Edition)Op, EdwardLG1.1 78F
901762ENGram's Trip (HM Edition)Jones, PeriLG1.9 53F
902034ENGrandfather's Journey (HM Edition)Say, AllenMG3.7 569F
904382ENGrandma's Records (HM Edition)Velasquez, EricLG3.6 965F
901557ENGreat Ball Game: A   Muskogee Story (SF Edition), TheBruchac, JosephLG2.5 610F
901915ENGreat Ball Game (HM Edition), TheBruchac, JosephLG2.8 610F
901558ENGreen Leaf Club News (SF Edition), TheKaras, G. BrianLG2.2 254F
900911ENGuys from Space (SF Edition)Pinkwater, DanielLG2.5 1,446F
901038ENHalf- Chicken (SF Edition)Ada, Alma FlorMG4.4 1,085F
904367ENHam and Eggs (HM Edition)Mitter, KathrynLG1.7 95F
901990ENHank Greenberg:   All-Around All-Star (HM Edition)Cheston, BeckyLG3.9 703NF
901922ENHank's Pandas (HM Edition)Dunlap, LindaLG1.6 149F
902063ENHappy Birthday, Dr. King! (HM Edition)Jones, KathrynMG3.3 1,031F
901859ENHat (HM Edition), TheLobel, ArnoldLG1.8 359F
901533ENHear the Cheers (SF Edition)Hoyt-Goldsmith, DianeLG2.4 265NF
902048ENHeat Wave! (HM Edition)Ketteman, HelenMG4.4 918F
901813ENHen's Big Show (HM Edition)Baafi, RashadLG1.2 118F
901763ENHen's Chicks (HM Edition)Lee, TriciaLG0.8 40F
901880ENHenry and Mudge and the   Starry Night (HM Edition)Rylant, CynthiaLG2.4 458F
901991ENHenry and Ramona (HM Edition)Cleary, BeverlyLG2.6 776F
900912ENHerbie and Annabelle (SF Edition)Kline, SuzyLG3.3 1,040F
901732ENHilda Hen's Scary Night (HM Edition)Wormell, MaryLG1.8 348F
901851ENHome Run (HM Edition)Bracken, PatrickLG1 144F
901903ENHooray for Main Street (HM Edition)Ward, BeckyLG2.4 311F
901815ENHound Dog and Round Dog (HM Edition)Myers, AnneLG1.4 112F
901534ENHouse Repair (SF Edition)                              Ryder,   JoanneLG2 155F
901535ENHow I Beat the Giants (SF Edition)                 Phillips,   AnneLG1.9 207F
900904ENHow I Spent My Summer Vacation (SF Edition) Teague, MarkLG2.2 416F
901881ENHow to Be a Wildlife Spy (HM Edition)Duckworth, CarolynLG3.2 331F
902932ENHow to Sink Your Foul Shots (SF Edition)Whitaker, Andrea N.LG2.3 394NF
902064ENHow Turtle Flew South for   the Winter (HM Edition)Bruchac, JosephMG3.4 647F
901969ENHungry Spider (HM Edition)DeSpain, PleasantLG3.5 647F
901852ENI'll Catch the Moon (HM Edition)Crews, NinaLG1.5 156F
901400ENI'll Join You (SF Edition)Havill, JuanitaLG1.8 257F
901039ENI Love Guinea Pigs (SF Edition)King-Smith, DickMG4.5 894NF
901828ENI Spy (HM Edition)Lazar, LyndaLG1.5 132F
901399ENI Went Walking (SF Edition)Williams, SueLG1.2 106F
901992ENI Work in the Ocean (HM Edition)Ingram, KristinLG4.1 451NF
901040ENI Work in the Ocean (SF Edition)Ingram, KristinMG4.7 732NF
901401ENIce-Cold Birthday (SF Edition)Cocca-Leffler, MaryannLG2 421F
901853ENIce-Cold Drinks (HM Edition)Bracken, PatrickLG1.5 140F
901869ENIce Cream Crash (HM Edition), AnWard, BeckyLG1.5 204F
902036ENIceberg Right Ahead! (HM Edition)Hennessey, Gail SkrobackMG4.2 560NF
901798ENIf You Give a Pig a Pancake (HM Edition)Numeroff, LauraLG2.3 283F
901884ENIn the Woods (HM Edition)Ward, BeckyLG1.6 196F
901041ENInto the Sea (SF Edition)Guiberson, Brenda Z.MG4.9 1,630NF
901829ENInventions Then and Now (HM Edition)Houghton MifflinLG2.1 119F
901042ENInventive Ideas (SF Edition)Jones/WulffsonMG5.2 717NF
901863ENIt's Easy to Be Polite (HM Edition)Brainard, BethLG1.8 269F
901954ENJade's Drumming (HM Edition)Burke, Melissa BlackwellLG2.1 255F
901929ENJalapeño Bagels (HM Edition)Wing, NatashaLG2.8 693F
901900ENJamaica Louise James (HM Edition)Hest, AmyLG2.9 723F
901871ENJane's Mistake (HM Edition)Moynahan, PattyLG1.6 207F
901710ENJasper's Beanstalk (HM Edition)Butterworth, NickLG1.5 96F
901782ENJay's Trip (HM Edition)Tanner, JackLG1.6 78F
901904ENJay the Mailman (HM Edition)Burke, Melissa BlackwellLG1.5 259F
901830ENJenny's Big Voice (HM Edition)Junot, MalikLG1.9 138F
901764ENJim and Sal (HM Edition)Demas, GaryLG0.7 59F
901402ENJog, Frog, Jog (SF Edition)Gregorich, BarbaraLG1.1 67F
901043ENJohn Henry (SF Edition)Lester, JuliusMG4.1 2,125F
901817ENJohnny Appleseed (HM Edition)Demuth, PatriciaLG2.1 475NF
901403ENJordan Makes a New Friend (SF Edition)Adler, David A.LG2 221F
901831ENJoy Boy (HM Edition)Morris, JordanLG1.7 146F
901864ENJulius (HM Edition)Johnson, AngelaLG2.5 388F
901404ENJune and the Mule: A Tall Tale (SF Edition)Kimmel, Eric A.LG1.8 170F
901044ENKeepers (SF Edition)Watts, Jeri HanelMG5.2 1,778F
901979ENKeeping Quilt (HM Edition), ThePolacco, PatriciaLG3.5 947F
901773ENKite (HM Edition), TheAda, Alma FlorLG1.3 154F
901405ENKittens (SF Edition)Livingston, Myra CohnLG2.2 106NF
901045ENKomodo Dragons (SF Edition)Maynard, ThaneMG4 904NF
901046ENKoya's Cousin Del (SF Edition)Greenfield, EloiseMG4.5 3,156F
902055ENLast Dragon (HM Edition), TheNunes, Susan MihoMG4.5 2,118F
900924ENLeah's Pony (SF Edition)Friedrich, ElizabethLG3.8 1,368F
901783ENLegs Gets His Lunch (HM Edition)Petersen, ChrisLG1.3 65F
901536ENLemonade for Sale (SF Edition)Murphy, Stuart J.LG2.6 600F
901872ENLen and Linda's Picnic (HM Edition)Ward, BeckyLG1.4 244F
901406ENLeon and Bob (SF Edition)James, SimonLG2.1 286F
901537ENLet's Go Dinosaur Tracking! (SF Edition)Schlein, MiriamLG2.5 559NF
901935ENLiliana's Grandmothers (HM Edition)Torres, LeylaLG2.6 495F
901407ENLilly Reads (SF Edition)Brown, Laurie KrasnyLG2 235F
901825ENLion and the Mouse (HM Edition), TheAesopLG2.3 410F
901408ENLook at That! (SF Edition)Hennessy, B.G.LG1 105F
901936ENLost and Found (HM Edition)Walker, AnneLG1.7 264F
901980ENLost and Found (HM Edition), TheTeague, MarkLG2.8 907F
901800ENLost! (HM Edition)McPhail, DavidLG1.7 356F
901409ENLost in the Museum (SF Edition)Cohen, MiriamLG1.9 630F
901410ENLost! (SF Edition)McPhail, DavidLG1.8 353F
902065ENLou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man (HM Edition)Adler, David A.MG4.8 1,497NF
901047ENLou Gehrig: The Luckiest Man (SF Edition)Adler, David A.MG4.7 1,493NF
901801ENLou's Tooth (HM Edition)Petersen, ChrisLG1.6 138F
904368ENMac the Cat (HM Edition)Westcott, Nadine BernardLG1.4 71F
900925ENMailing May (SF Edition)Tunnell, Michael O.LG4.3 1,100F
901538ENMan on the Moon (SF Edition)Suen, AnastasiaLG2.5 316NF
901855ENMark's Part (HM Edition)Brennan, PatLG1.4 143F
901923ENMarta's Larks (HM Edition)Dunlap, LindaLG1.4 200F
902050ENMarven of the Great North   Woods (HM Edition)Lasky, KathrynMG4.5 3,597F
901048ENMarven of the Great North Woods (SF Edition)   Lasky, KathrynMG4.4 2,947NF
901765ENMe on the Map (HM Edition)Sweeney, JoanLG1.4 300F
901049ENMerle Builds a Sod House (SF Edition)Hattes, AnneMG4.8 787NF
901885ENMike and Dave Sleep Outside (HM Edition)Moynahan, PattyLG1.5 234F
901711ENMinerva Louise at School (HM Edition)Stoeke, Janet MorganLG1.8 200F
904369ENMiss Jill's Ice Cream Shop (HM Edition)Shaw, NancyLG1.8 190F
901886ENMiss Pig's Garden (HM Edition)Moynahan, PattyLG1.5 207F
901539ENMissing: One Stuffed Rabbit (SF Edition)Cocca-Leffler, MaryannLG2.2 856F
900913ENMom's Best Friend (SF Edition)Alexander, Sally HobartLG3.7 729NF
901818ENMom's Spring Jobs (HM Edition)Osorno, CamillaLG1.8 115F
901540ENMoonbear's Pet (SF Edition)Asch, FrankLG2.1 580F
900926ENMore Than Anything Else (SF Edition)Bradby, MarieLG3.2 775F
901945ENMoses Goes to a Concert (HM Edition)Millman, IsaacLG3.3 650F
901905ENMother's Day Parade on   Park Street (HM Edition)Dunlap, LindaLG1.7 286F
901906ENMouse's Crowded House (HM Edition)Ward, BeckyLG1.9 264F
901766ENMoving Day (HM Edition)Kalan, RobertLG1.3 187F
901865ENMrs. Brown Went to Town (HM Edition)Yee, Wong HerbertLG2.6 372F
901937ENMy Brother (HM Edition)Moynahan, PattyLG1.2 174F
901411ENMy Buddy, Stan (SF Edition)Eaton, DeborahLG1.3 100F
902051ENMy Name Is María Isabel (HM Edition)Ada, Alma FlorMG4.3 2,333F
901938ENMy Sister Joan (HM Edition)Ward, BeckyLG1.6 256F
901981ENMysterious Giant of Barletta (HM Edition), TheDe Paola, TomieLG3.9 1,190F
901423ENNap (SF Edition), TheLester, HelenLG0.9 52F
901788ENNest (HM Edition), TheJones, PeriLG1 63F
901970ENNesting Dolls (HM Edition)Kingdon, Marie E.LG3.2 348NF
901541ENNew Best Friends (SF Edition)Nayer, JudyLG2.4 308F
901840ENNew Friend (HM Edition), ThePuncel, MaríaLG2.3 405F
901803ENNick Is Sick (HM Edition)Lee, TriciaLG1.3 123F
901993ENNights of the Pufflings (HM Edition)McMillan, BruceLG3.8 973F
900914ENNights of the Pufflings (SF Edition)McMillan, BruceLG3 959NF
901804ENNo, No, Titus! (HM Edition)Masurel, ClaireLG1.5 283F
901914ENOfficer Buckle and Gloria (HM Edition)Rathmann, PeggyLG2.9 642F
901412ENOh, Cats! (SF Edition)Buck, NolaLG1.1 93F
901559ENOld Gollywampus (SF Edition), TheSpeed, TobyLG2.5 180F
901050ENOn the Pampas (SF Edition)Brusca, Maria CristinaMG4 1,705NF
900927ENOne Grain of Rice: A   Mathematical Folktale (SF Edition)DemiLG3.6 980F
901955ENOur Classroom Zoo Book (HM Edition)Dunlap, LindaLG1.6 181F
901413ENOur Family Get-Together (SF Edition)Tafolla/BernalLG2 328NF
901051ENOut of the Blue (SF Edition)Fritz, JeanMG5.2 1,649NF
902930ENPandora's Box (SF Edition)Rockwell, AnneLG4.7 552F
901917ENPark for Parkdale (HM Edition), AMoynahan, PattyLG1.5 226F
904360ENParty for Bob (HM Edition), AMedearis, Angela ShelfLG1.5 141F
901542ENPaul Goes to the Ball (SF Edition)Kimmel, EricLG2 415F
901832ENPeaches, Screeches (HM Edition)Myers, AnneLG1.8 147F
901738ENPearl's First Prize Plant (HM Edition)Delaney, A.LG1.7 167F
902933ENPecos Bill (SF Edition)Dewey, ArianeLG2.5 340F
901028ENPeddler's Dream (SF Edition), AShefelman, JaniceMG4.5 1,674F
901995ENPepita Talks Twice (HM Edition)Lachtman, Ofelia DumasLG3 1,350F
901805ENPet Show (HM Edition)Gold, MaryLG1 92F
901856ENPet Store (HM Edition)McGaferty, EileenLG1.5 165F
901784ENPete and Peach (HM Edition)Duffy, MackLG1.4 73F
901767ENPets in a Tank (HM Edition)Demas, GaryLG0.5 52F
904370ENPigs in a Rig (HM Edition)Lester, HelenLG1.7 125F
900930ENPiñata Maker (SF Edition), TheAncona, GeorgeLG4.1 674NF
901768ENPine Lake (HM Edition)Op, EdwardLG1.2 54F
902929ENPlace in the Sky (SF Edition), AFridell, RonLG2.9 443NF
901543ENPlay Ball (SF Edition)Krensky, StephenLG2 306F
901997ENPoppa's New Pants (HM Edition)Medearis, Angela ShelfLG4.2 2,079F
901544ENPoppleton and the Grapefruit (SF Edition)Rylant, CynthiaLG1.1 231F
901946ENPresident Theodore Roosevelt (HM Edition)Berman, StephenLG2.8 230F
901560ENPuddle Pail (SF Edition), TheKleven, ElisaLG2.8 1,020F
904371ENQuit it, Bug! (HM Edition)Conrad, LizLG1.8 66F
901971ENRabbit Races with Turtle (HM Edition)Ross, GayleLG3.6 559F
901059ENRace for the North Pole (SF Edition), TheRozakis, LaurieMG4.9 2,709NF
901785ENRain Day (HM Edition)Mendosa, TinaLG0.9 67F
901973ENRaising Dragons (HM Edition)Nolen, JerdineLG3.9 1,439F
901998ENRamona Quimby, Age 8 (HM Edition)Cleary, BeverlyLG4.6 3,717F
901052ENRanching and the Cowboys (SF Edition)      Scott   Foresman EditorsMG3.1 648NF
901424ENRat and the Cat (SF Edition), The                   Marshall,   EdwardLG1.6 355F
901947ENReach for the Stars: The   Ellen Ochoa Story      Alonso, Elena (HM   Edition)LG3.3 338F
901382ENReal Gift (SF Edition), A                                  Hoyt-Goldsmith,   DianeLG1.8 187NF
901974ENReal-Life Dragons (HM Edition)                      Gray,   RobertLG3.4 410NF
901786ENRed-Eyed Tree Frog (HM Edition)                  Cowley,   JoyLG1.5 175F
901425ENRed Stone Game (SF Edition), The                Christian,   Mary BlountLG2 136F
901806ENRick and Dad Go Camping (HM Edition)       Mackeen,   CarlyLG1.3 100F
901426ENRiddles (SF Edition), The                                Wiseman,   BernardLG1.7 402F
901545ENRiding the Ferry with Captain Cruz (SF   Edition) Flanagan, Alice K.LG2.7 259NF
901053ENRikki-Tikki-Tavi (SF Edition)Pinkey, JerryMG4.2 2,372F
901873ENRobin's Farm (HM Edition)Walker, AnneLG1.7 173F
901427ENRolling Rice Cake: A Story from Japan (SF Edition), TheKimmel, Eric A.LG1.6 216F
901561ENRooster Who Went to His   Uncle's Wedding (SF Edition), TheAda, Alma FlorLG3.2 885F
901414ENRose and Grandma Make the   Sun Shine (SF Edition)Havill, JuanitaLG1.8 158F
902067ENSalmon Summer (HM Edition)McMillan, BruceMG3.9 1,015NF
900928ENSam and the Lucky Money (SF Edition)Chinn, KarenLG3.8 1,096F
901819ENSam Sundown's Problem (HM Edition)Lazar, LyndaLG1.6 113F
901428ENSame as You (SF Edition), TheFear, SharonLG1.8 148F
902931ENSaving the Whooping Crane (SF Edition)McNulty, FaithLG3.9 381NF
901949ENSchool Mural (HM Edition), TheVázquez, SarahLG3.4 985F
901820ENScout the Grouch (HM Edition)Salud, KateLG1.5 109F
901787ENSeal Beach (HM Edition)Mackeen, CarlyLG0.9 62F
902068ENSeal Island Kids (HM Edition)Momatiuk/EastcottMG4.3 613NF
901999ENSeal Surfer (HM Edition)Foreman, MichaelLG3.8 1,083F
904372ENSeasons (HM Edition 2005)Wolff, AshleyLG1.9 195F
901758ENSecret Code (HM Edition), TheRau, Dana MeachenLG1.1 119F
901546ENSeeing (SF Edition)Cole, JoannaLG2 350NF
901835ENShawn's Soy Sauce (HM Edition)Myers, AnneLG1.9 149F
904386ENShed (HM Edition 2003), TheTanner, JackLG0.7 41F
901868ENShopping (HM Edition)Pilkey, DavLG2.2 298F
901415ENShow Time: Your First Play (SF Edition)Root, PhyllisLG1.9 243NF
902052ENSing to the Stars (HM Edition)Barrett, Mary BrigidMG3.9 1,615F
901836ENSister Hen's Cool Drink (HM Edition)Medearis, Angela ShelfLG1.8 269F
902069ENSkylark (HM Edition)MacLachlan, PatriciaMG3.7 1,945F
901790ENSleeping Pig (HM Edition), TheTafolla/SealeLG1.4 250F
904378ENSleepover Party (HM Edition), TheAmada, SarahLG1.9 295F
901416ENSlim, Luke, and the Mules (SF Edition)Christopher, StewartLG1.7 364F
901882ENSnake Sheds Its Skin (HM Edition), AWalker, AnneLG1.9 161F
901547ENSnakes (SF Edition)Demuth, PatriciaLG2.1 606NF
901429ENSnow Glory (SF Edition), TheRylant, CynthiaLG2 465F
902053ENSnow Runners (HM Edition)Scheller, William G.MG3.5 386NF
901821ENSomewhere in the World   Right Now (HM Edition)Schuett, StaceyLG2.1 420F
902934ENSouthwest Settlements (SF Edition)Scott Foresman EditorsLG3.3 498NF
901548ENSpace Dreams (SF Edition)O'Brien, Anne SibleyLG2.3 310F
901054ENSpace Probes to the Planets (SF Edition)Robinson, FayMG4.8 1,418NF
901549ENSpiders Up Close (SF Edition)Nayer, JudyLG2 335NF
901550ENSplash! (SF Edition)McCloskey, SusanLG2.4 192F
901857ENSport Gets a Bath (HM Edition)Brennan, PatLG1.4 143F
901551ENStart Collecting! It's Fun! (SF Edition)Ryder, JoanneLG2.8 335NF
902042ENSticks of Truth (HM Edition), TheShannon, GeorgeMG3.2 244F
901552ENStone Soup: A Folktale (SF Edition)Hong, Lily ToyLG2.8 410F
901553ENStone Soup (A Play) (SF Edition)Children's TelevisionLG2.9 751F
901060ENStorm (SF Edition), TheHarshman, MarcMG4.5 2,372F
901916ENStory of Owney (HM Edition), ThePostal Pack EditorsLG3.1 141F
901562ENStorykeeper: Finding   Stories Near and Far (SF Tafolla, Carmen Edition), TheLG2 298F
902057ENStranger (HM Edition), TheVan Allsburg, ChrisMG4 927F
901771ENStuck in the House (HM Edition)Mendosa, TinaLG0.9 43F
901930ENSun and Ice (HM Edition)Houghton MifflinLG1.9 372F
901837ENSunny's Buddy (HM Edition)Vyadro, ElenaLG1.3 129F
901822ENSunset Beach (HM Edition)Vyadro, ElenaLG1.9 123F
901907ENSunshine for the Circus (HM Edition)Dunlap, LindaLG1.7 219F
901841ENSurprise Family (HM Edition), TheReiser, LynnLG2.5 646F
904361ENSurprise for Zig Bug (HM Edition), ARyan, Pam MuñozLG1.8 151F
901563ENSurprise (SF Edition), TheLobel, ArnoldLG1.8 320F
901417ENSweet Potato Pie (SF Edition)Rockwell, AnneLG0.9 72F
901061ENSwimming Hole (SF Edition), TheWilder, Laura IngallsMG4.2 3,128F
901418ENTadpole to Frog (SF Edition)Robinson, FayLG1.4 48NF
902039ENTales of a Fourth Grade Nothing (HM Edition)Blume, JudyMG2.7 1,690F
901982ENTalking Cloth (HM Edition), TheMitchell, RhondaLG3.2 582F
902040ENTanya's Reunion (HM Edition)Flournoy, ValerieMG4.1 2,322F
901698ENTen Dogs in the Window (HM Edition)Masurel, ClaireLG1.4 240F
901554ENTex and the Big Bad T. Rex (SF Edition)Christian, Mary BlountLG2.3 300F
901807ENThat Toad Is Mine! (HM Edition)Hazen, Barbara ShookLG1.5 295F
901566ENThree Little Bikers (SF Edition)Johnston, TonyLG2.3 438F
901931ENThunder Cake (HM Edition)Polacco, PatriciaLG3 948F
900932ENThunder Cake (SF Edition)Polacco, PatriciaLG3.3 947F
902070ENTiger (HM Edition)Rosen, MichaelMG3 610F
901889ENTime to Sleep (HM Edition)Fleming, DeniseLG2 398F
902043ENTomás and the Library Lady (HM Edition)Mora, PatMG3.3 1,208F
900915ENTops & Bottoms (SF Edition)Stevens, JanetLG3.1 776F
900916ENTornado Alert (SF Edition)Branley, Franklyn M.LG3 969NF
901062ENTornado Tales (SF Edition)Elsom, DerekMG4.9 595NF
901063ENTrain to Somewhere (SF Edition)Bunting, EveMG3.3 2,650F
902001ENTrapped by the Ice (HM Edition)McCurdy, MichaelLG4.3 2,085NF
901567ENTreasure Pie (SF Edition)Speed, TobyLG1.8 272F
904374ENTrip (HM Edition), TheChapman, LynneLG1.7 96F
901883ENTrip to Central Park  (HM   Edition), ADunlap, LindaLG1.7 200F
901895ENTrip to the Firehouse (HM Edition), ALewison, Wendy C.LG2.7 703NF
901519ENTrue Boating Family (SF Edition), AMcPhail, DavidLG2 157F
901430ENTrue Story of Abbie Burgess (SF Edition), TheRobinson, FayLG1.7 212NF
900933ENTwo Bad Ants (SF Edition)Van Allsburg, ChrisLG4.5 1,217F
904375ENTwo Best Friends (HM Edition)Bunting, EveLG1.6 211F
902002ENTwo Days in May (HM Edition)Taylor, Harriet PeckLG3.9 1,530NF
901860ENTwo Greedy Bears (HM Edition)Ginsburg, MirraLG2.6 418F
901568ENTwo Lunches at the Mill (SF Edition)Riley, KanaLG2.5 266F
901569ENTwo Mice (SF Edition)Reiser, LynnLG2.5 230F
901791ENTwo's Company (HM Edition)Greenway, ShirleyLG2.3 269F
901064ENTwo Uncommon Lizards (SF Edition)Microsoft...EncyclopediaMG7.8 441NF
901564ENUgly Duckling (SF Edition), TheFear, SharonLG1.8 150F
904379ENVain Peacock (HM Edition), TheFlores, ElenaLG1.9 327F
902025ENVery Important Day (HM Edition), AHerold, Maggie RuggMG4.2 1,778F
902938ENVisit with Grandpa (SF Edition), AWalter, Mildred PittsMG4 3,013F
901570ENWanted: Best Friend (SF Edition)Monson, A.M.LG2.6 715F
901909ENWatch out for Thick Mud! (HM Edition)Burke, Melissa BlackwellLG1.9 332F
902936ENWater on Earth (SF Edition)Scott Foresman EditorsLG3 624NF
901431ENWhat a Sight! (SF Edition)Crimi, CarolynLG2.1 213F
901432ENWhat Did I See? (SF Edition)Lester, HelenLG1.2 50F
900917ENWhat Do Authors Do? (SF Edition)Christelow, EileenLG3.3 647NF
901843ENWhat Is in Mole's Sack? (HM Edition)Mayo, Gretchen WillLG1.7 359F
901433ENWhat's New in Mrs.   Powell's Class? (SF Edition)O'Brien, Sibley AnneLG2.2 202F
901942ENWhat Will Lester Be? (HM Edition)Walker, AnneLG1.5 235F
901844ENWhen I Am Old with You (HM Edition)Johnson, AngelaLG2.5 412F
901845ENWhen I was Little Like You (HM Edition)Paton Walsh, JillLG2.2 281F
904380ENWhere Do I Start? (HM Edition)Amada, SarahLG1.9 285F
901957ENWho Drew the Cartoon? (HM Edition)Ward, BeckyLG1.9 208F
902071ENWhy the Sun and the Moon   Live in the Sky (HM Edition)Lester, JuliusMG3.3 566F
901571ENWicker School Takes Action (SF Edition)Robinson, FayLG2.7 390NF
902072ENWildfires (HM Edition)Simon, SeymourMG5.3 2,451NF
901958ENWill Holly Sing? (HM Edition)Walker, AnneLG1.6 225F
901950ENWilma Rudolph: Olympic   Track Champion (HM Ellis, Veronica Freeman Edition)LG3.3 340F
901776ENWinter Lullaby (HM Edition)Seuling, BarbaraLG2.3 142F
901565ENWobbly People in Ellen's Block House (SF Edition), TheAdler, David A.LG1.8 200F
900931ENWoman Who Outshone the Sun (SF Edition), TheCruz Martinez, AlejandroLG3.5 890F
901824ENWriting Home (HM Edition)McKnight, RossLG1.5 114F
901572ENYawning Dawn (SF Edition)Lester, HelenLG2.1 326F
901434ENYes, We Want Some Too! (SF Edition)McCloskey, SusanLG1.7 66F
901065ENYingtao's New Friend (SF Edition)Namioka, LenseyMG3.2 2,644F
901573ENYoung Cam Jansen and the   Dinosaur Game (SF Edition)Adler, David A.LG2.5 1,340F
902003ENYoung Voyagers: A Pilgrim   Childhood (HM Edition)Houghton MifflinLG3.5 438NF
900918ENYour Dad Was Just Like You (SF Edition)Johnson, DoloresLG2.9 1,228F
902004ENYunmi and Halmoni's Trip (HM Edition)Choi, Sook NyulLG4 1,751F
904376ENZack and His Friends (HM Edition)Fletcher, RustyLG1.9 113F
         901887       EN     Zeke and Pete Rule! (HM Edition)Dunlap, LindaLG1.4 174F